sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016

This is my MOUNTAIN!

Finally after probably a month after the last updates, here they are again, our fiery duo <3!

Every once and a while these two collide and i do love their collisions, whether it is because of the very intelligent writing of Katya, or their simple interaction, as we, the readers, imagine in our heads.
This specific scene, from mini story 23, from Another Night, Another Path - Forges and Bed, we get to see Thorin steaming after some misunderstandings. The very known dwarf extreme possessiveness of his "treasures", miss directional jealousy and short eye(mind) sight, makes Wren go out of herself, trying to figure out the true reason of his strange behavior. And she does show him who is after all in charge! You have to read it to believe it! XD

See you soon !

terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2015

Me and you in the pantry

First, introductions: Thorin and Wren from Katya Kolmakov's Fanfiction "Me without you". 

I'm in love with my own illustration. The paper is absolutely wonderful. It reacts to colors in a difficult but rewarding way. Cause it forces me to add more and more layers to gain a more intense tone, and the drying time is quite quick wich is practical for fast illustration. Well...this was a not as much a quick one, as I strived to achieve a delicate style, just like the moment the couple is in. Delicate <3 
Huum..As I think about it now...lately, none of my Thorin/Wren illustrations are considered quick ones, i love them too much to dispatch them before i consider them properly finished for posting :-D!

A sweet love scene for a change, but not to graphic, still very sexy. 
He looks like he is wearing very tight leather pants! And her corset is almost gone! For someone who has big hands, HIS sure are nimble ;-)
Thorin and Wren met in the pantry for the first time after...well, you just have to read the story, right? ;-) And then you can come back to this image and make the connection. 

Also, the light and splats of white ink add just a bit of volume and deliciousness to the moment. 
Hope you enjoy it as much as I DO <3!

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015

How to break a dwarf's heart

Hello again! It's been a couple of months since I posted Kkolmakov's Wren and Thorin fanfiction illustrations :-).
This time, again from ME WITHOUT YOU, around chapter 53.

I think this image and the characters expressions says it all. 

They stepped out to the yard. The morning was chilly and she wore a shawl. He was silent and somehow angry at her. The woman he loved was dismissing him, rejecting him, after giving him her heart and a night of love. Or so he thinks. Because for was nothing more than a dream. 
She had to brake his heart in order to understand better the new situation they were in. A chapter that roamed in my mind because of the courage the author had to have, the decision to suddenly change the course of these two lovers fate, as opposed to what (i dare say) most readers would want. :-) But the hurt the reader felt for these two was well rewarded. Well, but for knowing more of this you will have to read it ;-)

Also, I've been experimenting with different kinds of papers in order to give this kind of texture you see above. Very well fitted for a Middle Earth's fanfiction. It gives a nice visual "old" feel to the colors :-))))))))))

Don't forget to visit Kkolmakov's page and this story <3 <3 

domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015

Renee from "Convince me the Winter is Over"

Here it is. Renee, or should I say, Wren ;-) Well, Katya's Wren is in fact such a beloved, strong and well developed character that she "migrates" from story to story, along with John, taking her (and his) fans along from book world to book world!

You may relate Renee's physic appearance from Wren, on my older posts's. Also ginger, cat's like eyes, Thorin's lover, but instead, this time she's John's....huum XD, please find out more in her blog:

Or buy her book:

And you will be delighted to know more about this young woman (apparently gloomy ginger), Renee <3

Below I show you two of my final steps to create this illustration. Watercolors on watercolor paper.

This time I would have to create a more realistic OC, less "funny". Always keeping in mind Katya's notes and pointers about Renee's mental and physical traits for this "moment" in the illustration. The fact is, Renee started to take shape on paper without great difficulty. I sort of understood what the feeling was about and tried to captured it on her face, using blues, grays and faded colors.

And the it came to mind using the cover's image to complement her gloomy and lost feeling. The cup of warm tea, (some sort of dim but warm hope?) that she holds in her hands, are also Katya's hands, holding our hearts whenever she writes these beautiful stories with these amazing characters <3 <3

quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2015

Love by the fireplace

I'm so happy with this one XD. A first of many heated illustrations of TRWREN <3 Their skin is red, the environment is warm and golden by the fire light, the furs feel smooth on Wren's bare skin. He is leaning with care over her. She holds his face on her hands, keeping the strands off, so she can see his eyes better.
This one has already been hovering in my mind for a couple of months.
Also inspired in Kkolmakov's Me Without You fanfiction. 
Still in Wren's mind, in the Halls of Waiting. when they finally give in to the passion. At some point they go to the furs on the floor, next to the fireplace and make love - I think for the second time :-D. But making love by the fireplace is something these two practice with some regularity, also in other stories. 

Magic golden ribbons

A first approach at those wonderful magic golden ribbons that Wren unconsciously conjures whenever her feelings for Thorin are well.... over board :-D (totally get it)
I first read about Wren's magic gifts in Kkolmakov's Thorin's Trust fanfiction. By the way, a great piece of writing, <3 A good insight at a this couple's troubles and misunderstandings in a relationship, thought out some years. Love it.
This little illustration however, is inspired in another TRWREN (Thorin/Wren) story Me Without you, also from Kkolmakov. 
At one point, later in the story, they finally make peace and kiss. I got this image from reading about the way Thorin kisses Wren. He holds her close to his chest and steady, by putting a hand on her back supporting the weight ( sometimes on the waist ) and another holding her head from behind, curling his fingers on the hair.
I still am studying the concept of the golden ribbons that flow from her body and caress Thorin. Still an early ideia, hope you forgive me Kkolmakov, in the case I am to far off your ideia :-).

sábado, 18 de julho de 2015

Letters to your Heart first illustrations


This time, I would loooove to introduce my first approche to these two characters of this lovely fanfic, by Kkolmakov, "Letters to your heart, Axes to your Scabbard" Thorin (young version) and Werna (a more voluptuous version of Wren - see older posts -).

Of course these two don't belong in the same timeline. Thorin meets an adult Werna later in life, by the time he's in Bag End, but I just couldn't resist to put these two together, just for a little bit. <3

I just loved how Werns turned out. Lovely.
Hope you like her too, Kkolmakov :-) and I'm hoping she looks like what you thought she would look like ;-).
Thorin in his younger years dressed more like royalty and is always spick and span and sparkling in his super majestic vests XD

Kissy Kiss!